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Consultancy & Strategy

No first appointment with a prospective client starts without advice. The client should expect to explore and discover the rich and intense options to build its story. Boracay wants to go deeper to know and understand everything of the client and especially identify the levers of performance before choosing an optimal outlet of communication. The two partners and consultants through their experience will offer you the winning strategy and the tools and action plan that will be implemented according to a specific schedule, budget and timeline.

  • Strategic thinking
  • Brand Content
  • Global Communication
  • Contests
  • KPI
  • Media-training
  • Creation
  • Graphic design
  • Visual Identity
  • Newsletter
  • Consumer Magazines
  • Media planning …

Publics Relations

Whether you are a start-up or an established company in the market, you are in total interaction with your audiences. You may suffer a crisis, or experience events such as a 50th anniversary, the launch of a major product, the opening of a new production site or have to look for spokespersons to endorse your offer. The agency will organize the evolution of the life of your company so that your targeted audience are reassured, convinced, proud and committed after the events.

  • Events organization
  • Opinion Relays
  • Proactive & Crisis management
  • Launching
  • Expert Partnerships
  • Products Placements

Media Relations

Journalists and bloggers are your first ambassadors, they are early influencers. In the digital age, their content is widely shared with communities that are sensitive to articles that mention you. Even pure players advertise on TV and the numbers show that these very powerful media are accelerators of spontaneous awareness. Our Push TV / Radios point are the result of a unique expertise in the placement of audiovisual subjects.

  • Press Relations
  • Webzines
  • Blogs
  • Influencers
  • TV
  • Radios
  • Corporate & Product Communication
  • B2B et B2C Communication
  • Press Travel & Conference

  Digital & Social Medias

Social networks are significant in the process of discovering and marketing products and services. It all starts by building your community around shared values ​​to increase your brand awareness among those who will be interested in your offers and ultimately increase your sales. To support you, our partners will create your Google AdWords certified website or blog, optimize your SEO and manage your campaigns.

  • Influence Strategies
  • Editorial Content
  • e-reputation
  • Community Management
  • Branding vidéos & photos
  • Audit & Benchmark Web
  • AdWords & SEO
  • Creation Websites / Blogs



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You are different, it’s up to us to let you know !


We love French and international start-ups and SMEs and we know their distribution networks (Franchise, Large Distribution, Direct Selling, Mail order, E-commerce …). We implement for them global strategies of national and / or regional communication, B to B or B to C, to build their reputation and thus contribute to their development.
The 10 consultants of the agency in the fields of Media Relations, Digital and Creation are committed to promoting your interests to transform your projects into success. Passionate about their job, « culture and reactivity » are their key words using all the outlets of communication, Public Relations & Media Relations (Press, TV, Radio, Web and Blogs), Digital & Social Media, Events, Brand Content !
« Each of our clients is unique, it enjoys the best connivance with our team to develop its territory, its identity or change opinions »

Karine Sarre and Jean-Christophe Danchaud, Founders in 1991 of the Agency


Boracay works closely with its customers when they cross the borders. In this context, the agency already presented in Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg has chosen to expand its playing field by creating a network composed of agencies rigorously selected on the basis of performance, quality, reputation and affinity criteria with the media and influencers of each country. Thanks to these skills very close to ours, we now offer our clients effective PR networking in the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Germany, Sweden, and North America in New York and Montreal with independent and large partner agencies with similar and evolving in the same eco-system.

Boracay also appeals to foreign companies wishing to set up in France by giving priority to the responsiveness and creativity needed to meet their needs. Today, we are proud to say that these companies represent nearly 40% of the agency’s activity, which supports them both in the development of their reputation and in strategic consulting to facilitate their implementation.

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